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Principal Funds Strategy Guide for the Merrill Lynch RIC Report

To support your goal of helping clients reap the benefits of attractive market environments and stay the course during challenging ones, Principal Funds has developed a strategy guide providing insights derived from the current RIC Report. Contact your local wholesaler for a copy of Bank of America Merrill Lynch RIC Report Meets Principal Funds Strategies.

Principal Global Diversified Income Fund

Interest rates are still low on an historical basis. While rates can still move lower from current levels, it is more probable that rates will move higher as the economy improves. It is our opinion that rates will increase modestly in 2015, but will be volatile. That is why we believe it is important to take a diversified approach when investing for yield—seeking a strategy that not only provides a high level of income but manages the risks, including duration—in order to achieve a more consistent and reliable income pattern. See the Global Diversified Income Fund Financial Professional Guide under Analytics.

Principal Small-MidCap Dividend Income Fund

The Principal Small-MidCap Dividend Income Fund offers a niche value-style approach with a focus on high quality, dividend-payers in the less crowded small-midcap space. The portfolio team continues to be optimistic that many quality companies can gain share in this muted economy and potentially provide strong returns in 2015. They feel selectivity will continue to be important in 2015 as companies' profitability will be drive by sales growth and less by margin expansion. See the Principal Small-MidCap Dividend Income Fund: A Deeper Dive under Analytics.

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