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Principal Funds Strategy Guide for the Merrill Lynch RIC Report

To support your goal of helping clients reap the benefits of attractive market environments and stay the course during challenging ones, Principal Funds has developed a strategy guide providing insights derived from the current RIC Report. Contact your local wholesaler for a copy of Bank of America Merrill Lynch RIC Report Meets Principal Funds Strategies.

Principal Global Diversified Income Fund

Combining multiple distinctive investment strategies and strategically allocating among them to take advantage of market and economic trends, the Principal Global Diversified Income Fund's innovative blending of fixed-income and equity asset classes is designed to provide possible higher yield potential than conventional investment-grade bond funds and the potential to reduce overall volatility compared to investment in individual asset classes. See the Global Diversified Income Fund Financial Professional Guide under Analytics.

Small- and Mid-Cap Equities: Why Dividends Can Make a Difference

In this unpredictable environment, investors need every edge they can get. That's why dividend strategies – which offer the potential for income streams, capital appreciation, and historically lower volatility than non-dividend-paying stocks – are attracting more attention. And small- and mid-cap companies may offer even greater dividend opportunities than their large-cap counterparts. Seethe Small-MidCap Dividend Income Fund Client Brochure under Client Materials.

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Diversified Real Asset Hedging Inflation Risk White Paper MM6316 ML15-003249 10/31/2016 White Paper
Equity Income Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet MM5945 ML15-005189 10/06/2016 Fact Sheet
Global Diversified Income Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet MM5459 ML15-005189 10/06/2016 Fact Sheet
Global Diversified Income Interest Rate Risk MM5938 ML15-005193 02/06/2016 White Paper
Global Diversified Income Fund FP Brochure MM4875 ML15-003202 08/31/2016 Brochure
Global Diversified Income Fund Update MM4822A ML15-003210 09/30/2016 Commentary
Global Multi-Strategy Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet MM5332 ML15-005189 10/06/2016 Fact Sheet
Global Multi-Strategy FP Guide MM5351 ML15-003233 10/03/2016 Brochure
Global Multi-Strategy Fund Update MM5901 ML15-003211 09/30/2016 Commentary
Global Multi-Strategy Periodic Table MM6542 ML15-003248 10/14/2016 Flyer
Global Real Estate - Outlook Remains Positive MM7268 ML15-005190 06/06/2016 White Paper
Global Real Estate Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet MM5022 ML15-005189 10/06/2016 Fact Sheet
Global Real Estate Fund Update MM5710 ML15-003246 10/14/2016 Commentary
Guide to Preferred Securities MM6499 ML15-005191 06/06/2016 White Paper
High Yield Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet MM5826 ML15-005189 10/06/2016 Fact Sheet
High Yield Makes Sense White Paper MM7801 ML15-003176 08/31/2016 White Paper
MidCap Fund Update MM5702 ML15-005194 02/06/2016 Commentary
MidCap Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet MM5415 ML15-005189 10/06/2016 Fact Sheet
Outcome Oriented Investing White Paper MM7796 ML15-003173 08/31/2016 White Paper
Portfolio Construction Strategies FP Brochure MM5533 ML15-003168 10/06/2016 Brochure
Preferred Securities Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet MM5827 ML15-005189 10/06/2016 Fact Sheet
Preferred Securities Fund Update MM5204 ML15-003174 08/31/2016 Commentary
Quarterly Performance Review (Fact Sheets) MM2955 ML15-005188 10/06/2016 Fact Sheet
Real Estate Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet MM5847 ML15-005189 10/06/2016 Fact Sheet
Real Estate Securities Fund Update MM5711 ML15-003245 10/14/2016 Commentary
Short-Term Income - A Deeper Dive MM7300 ML15-005192 06/06/2016 White Paper
Short-Term Income Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet MM6951 ML15-005189 10/06/2016 Fact Sheet
SmallCap Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet MM6951 ML15-005189 10/06/2016 Fact Sheet
Small-MidCap Dividend Income Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet MM5232 ML15-005189 10/06/2016 Fact Sheet
Tax Exempt Bond Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet MM8098 ML15-005189 10/06/2016 Fact Sheet
Two Funds to Help Tailor Risk Management MM6964 ML15-005677 03/06/2016 Flyer

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