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Investing Around the Globe. Winning Awards at Home.

On March 20, Lipper Inc. announced the Lipper Fund Awards for 2014, which spotlight funds that have excelled in delivering consistently strong risk-adjusted performance relative to their peers. The Principal Global Real Estate Securities Fund was once again recognized for the outstanding quality of its investment management.

The Fund received the Best Global Real Estate Fund Over The 5-Year Period Award based upon consistent return for the second year in a row. We believe this speaks to the strength of our global investment management.

With the Principal Global Real Estate Securities Fund, you benefit from:

  • Six decades of real estate investment experience.
  • A global reach spanning across 70 countries.
  • Office locations in major financial markets worldwide.
Learn more about the Fund by visiting to view a video from Portfolio Manager Kelly Rush and gain access to marketing materials.


Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Please see (Rates, Values & Performance) or call 800-222-5852 for current performance information.

Real estate investment options are subject to some risks inherent in real estate and real estate investment trusts (REITs), such as risks associated with general and local economic conditions. Investing in REITs involves special risks, including interest rate fluctuation, credit risks, and liquidity risks, including interest conditions on real estate values and occupancy rates. International investing involves increased risks due to currency fluctuations, political or social instability, and differences in accounting standards.

Class I shares are available only to eligible investors, including various institutional investors and investors in certain mutual fund wrap or asset allocation programs. See the prospectus for eligibility requirements.

Individual fund classification awards extend over 3, 5 and 10 years. The highest Lipper Leader for Consistent Return value within each eligible classification determines the fund classification winner over 3, 5 and 10 years. Principal Global Real
Estate Securities Fund rankings were as follows: 2013 - 3 yrs: 2/92 funds; 5 yrs: 1/66 funds; 10 yrs: N/A. 2014 - 3 yrs: 3/95 funds; 5 yrs: 1/81 funds; 10 yrs: N/A.

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To obtain a prospectus, download online or call Sales Support at 1.800.787.1621

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