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Blue Chip Fund (A)
California Municipal Fund (A)
Capital Appreciation Fund (A)
Core Plus Bond Fund (A)
Credit Opportunities Explorer Fund (A)
Diversified International Fund (A)
Diversified Real Asset Fund (A)
Dynamic High Yield Explorer Fund (A)
Equity Income Fund (A)
Global Diversified Income Fund (A)
Global Multi-Strategy Fund (A)
Global Opportunities Equity Hedged Fund (A)
Global Opportunities Fund (A)
Global Real Estate Securities Fund (A)
Government & High Quality Bond Fund (A)
High Yield Fund (A)
High Yield Fund I (A)
Income Fund (A)
Inflation Protection Fund (A)
International Emerging Markets Fund (A)
International Fund I (A)
International Small Company Fund (A)
LargeCap Growth Fund (A)
LargeCap Growth Fund I (A)
LargeCap S&P 500 Index Fund (A)
LargeCap Value Fund (A)
MidCap Fund (A)
MidCap Value Fund III (A)
Money Market Fund (A)
Opportunistic Municipal Fund (A)
Origin Emerging Markets Fund (A)
Preferred Securities Fund (A)
Principal LifeTime Strategic Income Fund (A)
Principal LifeTime 2010 Fund (A)
Principal LifeTime 2020 Fund (A)
Principal LifeTime 2030 Fund (A)
Principal LifeTime 2040 Fund (A)
Principal LifeTime 2050 Fund (A)
Real Estate Allocation Fund (A)
Real Estate Debt Income Fund (A)
Real Estate Securities Fund (A)
Short-Term Income Fund (A)
Small-MidCap Dividend Income Fund (A)
SmallCap A Fund
SmallCap Value Fund II (A)
SAM Flexible Income Portfolio (A)
SAM Conservative Balanced Portfolio (A)
SAM Balanced Portfolio (A)
SAM Conservative Growth Portfolio (A)
SAM Strategic Growth Portfolio (A)
Tax-Exempt Bond Fund (A)

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