Why Principal Funds

Your clients face  challenges—generating growth and income, managing volatility, and protecting purchasing power in an ever-changing economic and investing environment, just to name a few. Principal Funds can help you create the unique solutions your clients need to succeed.

Global and domestic markets are always changing. And using strategies whose goals are simply to outperform an index may leave your clients disappointed if results come up short of their goals. Our strategies are designed to help achieve specific client outcomes through evolving conditions. And our support is designed to help you gain—and maintain—an edge over the competition.

A focus on outcomes

Today’s clients state that their biggest concerns are generating income, protecting their purchasing power, and managing volatility.* Our legacy of global investment management, asset allocation expertise, and retirement leadership provides a unique portfolio construction approach focused on achieving outcomes.

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The long view

Our investment expertise spans asset classes and markets around the world. Together with our parent company, the Principal Financial Group, we put more than 130 years of experience proven through multiple market cycles and economic environments—to work for you and your clients.

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* Index, Fourth Quarter, 2015.