Social Security & Medicare

Provide more comprehensive retirement income planning by helping clients understand how to maximize Social Security and Medicare.

Social Security and Medicare: Getting the Most from Earned Benefits

Learn three crucial factors that can make a difference in determining when and how retirees should file for benefits.

Social Security

When is the best time for clients to elect benefits? Determine a strategy to maximize benefits with these tools.

Get the Most from Social Security
Help clients understand their Social Security benefit and what can make a significant difference in their income.
Investor Guide
Create a retirement action plan and help clients understand their benefit and the options available.


Medicare is a critical—and confusing—component of retirement planning. Help clients make sense of it.

Getting the Most from Medicare Benefits
Reduced Medicare benefits is a major concern for retirees. Educate clients on Medicare’s pros, cons, and costs.
Investor Guide
Help clients take charge of their retirement with these tips about Medicare options and costs.