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A commitment to excellence

A commitment to excellence

Principal Global Investors is proud to be recognized as one of Barron’s Best Fund Families for 2019, along with earning a #3 ranking in the U.S. Equity category and #4 in the Tax‑Exempt Bond category.

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Important disclosures regarding the Barron’s rankings:

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Of all fund families that met the criteria, Principal Global Investors was ranked #5 out of 55 fund families for one year, #17 out of 52 for five years, and #6 out of 45 fund families for the ten years, all periods ended 12/31/2019. Performance data used for the rankings does not account for any up-front sales charges, contingent deferred sales charges or 12b-1 fees. If included, these rankings could be lower.

Barron's does not provide 5- and 10-year rankings for asset class categories.

How Barron’s Ranks the Fund Families
Calculation of returns does not take into account sales charges or 12b-1 fees or sales charges. Each fund’s performance is measured against all of the other funds in its Lipper category, with a percentile ranking of 100 being the highest and one the lowest. This result is then weighted by asset size, relative to the fund family’s other assets in its general classification. To be included in the ranking, a firm must have at least three funds in the general equity category, one world equity, one mixed equity (such as a balanced or target-date fund), two taxable bond funds, and one national tax-exempt bond fund. Single-sector and country equity funds are factored into the rankings as general equity. All passive index funds, including pure index, enhanced index, and index-based funds are excluded, but actively managed ETFs and smart-beta ETFs, which are passively managed but created from active strategies, are included. Finally, the score is multiplied by the weighting of its general classification, as determined by the entire Lipper universe of funds. The category weightings for the one-year results in 2019 were general equity, 35.4%; mixed asset, 21.1%; world equity, 17%; taxable bond, 21.8%; and tax-exempt bond, 4.6%. The category weightings for the five-year results were general equity, 36.9%; mixed asset, 19.7%; world equity, 17.2%; taxable bond, 21.7%; and tax-exempt bond, 4.6%. For the 10-year list, they were general equity, 37.6%; mixed asset, 20.1%; world equity, 17.5%; taxable bond, 20%; and tax-exempt bond, 4.7%.

Temporary International Mail Service Disruptions to Certain Countries Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to COVID-19 and its impact on the current environment, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has temporarily suspended international mail service to the foreign countries listed on their website. Pursuant to the Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Staff Statement Regarding Temporary International Mail Service Suspensions to Certain Jurisdictions Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic, dated June 24, 2020, Principal Funds mailings to shareholders in the international jurisdictions impacted by the mail suspensions will be delayed. These restrictions may impact Principal Funds’ ability to timely deliver certain documents, including account statements, trade confirmations, tax reporting documents, prospectuses, annual reports, semi-annual reports, proxy statements and other shareholder communications.

To avoid undue delay in receipt of these documents, we encourage all shareholders who live in impacted countries to opt-in to electronic delivery, either temporarily or permanently, to avoid further delays as a result of mail delivery restrictions. If you do not consent to electronic delivery, Principal Funds will take reasonable steps to send physical mailings within 7 days after mail delivery services resume in your country of residence.

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