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Research and White Papers

In touch with markets around the world, our teams of analysts and researchers offer guidance to the opportunities available across asset classes and markets, domestic and global.


Why Bank Loans Alone May Not Be the Best Solution for Interest Rate Risk

Bank loan funds continue to receive a lot of attention in the marketplace from investors seeking protection against rising interest rates. Learn about the risks and benefits of bank loans, and how to incorporate them using a diversified approach to an income-oriented portfolio.

Preferred Securities: Technical Factors Create Investment Opportunity

Learn how legislative changes such as the Dodd-Frank Act, the Basel-3 proposals, and changes to how Moody's rates preferred securities could provide an opportunity for attractive and stable returns over the next two to five years.

Research and White Papers

In touch with markets around the world, our teams of analysts and researchers offer guidance to the opportunities available across asset classes and markets, domestic and global.


Evaluating the Activeness of Equity Portfolios

There continues to be an evolution of risk management practices and tools in the investment management industry. This paper examines the usefulness of coverage ratio and active share ratio across various portfolios and strategies.



White Paper: Growing Dividends: The Opportunity in Equity Income Strategies

Investors are faced with difficult challenges and risks in finding yield in the market today. The ability of dividend-producing stocks to provide both income and the potential for capital appreciation could be found in the equity income category.

Financial Professional

Opportunities in Small- and Mid-Cap Equities: Why Dividends Can Make a Difference

The markets are increasingly volatile; yields on many fixed-income securities are near all-time lows. In this unpredictable environment, investors need every edge they can get; that's why dividend strategies are attracting more attention.

Striving to Manage Left-Tail Risk Using Alternative Strategies

Explore how alternative strategies can provide diversification benefits to investor portfolios — which have historically reduced a portfolio's volatility, while improving its efficiency and resiliency to unpredictable and extreme negative events.

White Paper: The Significant Role of Real Assets within a Diversified Investment Portfolio

Investors today face a foe that has been written off for the past 30-40 years. The risk of inflation, in addition to the more familiar risks of longevity and down market cycles, could soon be threatening to rise to nearly unprecedented levels.

Quarterly Enhanced Fact Sheets

We've created Enhanced Fact Sheets to help introduce you to our investment products and concepts.

Asset Allocation
California Municipal Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet      
(PDF: 588 KB) (PDF: 493 KB)      
LifeTime Hybrid Series Principal SAM Flexible Income Portfolio      
Equity Funds
(PDF: 987 KB) (PDF: 341 KB) (PDF: 1.32 MB) (PDF: 458 KB) (PDF: 349 KB)
Blue Chip
Equity Income
Global Opportunities
Global Real Estate Securities Fund MidCap Fund
(PDF: 364 KB) (PDF: 648 KB) (PDF: 406 KB)    
Real Estate
Securities Fund
SmallCap Blend Fund Small-MidCap Dividend Income Fund    
Fixed Income
California Municipal Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet  
(PDF: 370 KB) (PDF: 460 KB) (PDF: 606 KB) (PDF: 344 KB) (PDF: 685 KB)  
California Municipal Fund High Yield Fund Income Fund Opportunistic Municipal Fund Preferred Securities Fund  
California Municipal Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet California Municipal Fund Enhanced Fact Sheet        
(PDF: 370 KB) (PDF: 370 KB)        
Bond & Mortgage Securities Fund Real Estate Debt Income Fund        
(PDF: 462 KB) (PDF: 537 KB) (PDF: 836 KB)    
Diversified Real Asset Fund Global Diversified Income Fund Global Multi-Strategy Fund    



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