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E-asy. E-fficient. E-Delivery.

Ready to get fast access to information, eliminate extra paper, and help the environment? It's easy with Principal Funds e-Delivery.

Starting e-Delivery is simple. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Do you own other products from The Principal® in addition to mutual funds? (For example, annuities, insurance, or retirement plans.) If yes, select "PRINCIPAL FUNDS" in the Retirement & Investments section under Investments. If no, skip to step number 3.
  3. Click the "e-Delivery" link on the left side of your screen.
  4. Enter your e-mail address and select the documents you'd like to receive electronically:
    • Statements. Do you want to receive your statements and Principal Perspective newsletter electronically? Select yes or no.
    • Fund Documents. Do you want to receive the prospectus, prospectus supplements, annual reports, and semi-annual reports electronically? Select yes or no.
    • Proxy Materials. Do you want to receive proxy materials electronically? Select yes or no.
  5. Check the "I have read and understand the terms and conditions" box after you have completed reviewing the terms and conditions for e-Delivery.
  6. Click "Submit" to confirm your selections.

Once enrolled, you'll receive timely e-mail notification with links to the materials you want that are ready and waiting.

Take advantage of e-Delivery and sign up today.


To obtain a prospectus, download online or call Sales Support at 1.800.787.1621

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